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Regarded as the leaders in residential property planning and development, our specialist team is pleased to be able to offer the full spectrum of services required for successful completion of your project. Expand below to see how we can help.


Loft conversions are an ideal way to increase the living area of your house, without eating into your valuable garden space. They are a guaranteed way of increasing the value of your house by turning your unused attic space into a stylish new living area.

The nature of your loft conversion will depend upon factors such as the type and age of your property, the existing roof layout, and local authority development plans, as well as your own personal preference. Please call us to arrange for one of our design consultants to visit your property and discuss your ideas, requirements, and any restrictions that may apply to your project, at no charge.


Converting a house or other building into studios, flats or maisonettes is an excellent long-term investment.

We can work with any architect – or recommend our own – to ensure everything goes smoothly from beginning through to completion and after-sales support.

The planning stage is the most important in any house conversion. You will need planning permission, and there are also important building regulations to consider, all of which we can advise on.

We can also provide ideas and guidance for making the best use of the available space to generate maximum returns. You may for example, want to include a loft conversion or basement conversion.


Every member of the Build and Convert design team is fully knowledgeable in planning law whilst our Chief Architectural Designer has an expert knowledge in building regulation requirements and is personally responsible for overseeing the building control approval phase of our clients’ projects.

Our team of experts have over Twenty years practical experience in delivering first class projects across South East England.  We specialise in delivering high quality home improvement plans for clients just like you.


If your home is suitable for extension into your garden or other space, it’s worth considering.

Home extensions cost less than you might think, and don’t just add space but value to your property as well.

We can show you examples of other houses we’ve built extensions for, help with ideas and advise on whether planning permission is necessary (usually it isn’t). We’ll also advise on what’s required – layout, materials, finish and so on.

There are all kinds of different extensions to choose from, such as side returns and rear extensions, and even double storey extensions. Garage extensions or conversions are popular too, and we also offer cube and glass box extensions.

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0800 1958364

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07956 556 409

Our Address

10 Streatleigh Parade, Streatham High Road, London,